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Alaska Jeep Parts


 We can install gears in just about any axle. Whether it be a change in ratio or adding a limited slip or locker. We can do it. Changing your gears is a good idea if you have added larger tires to your vehicle, or need more torque for towing. We can either change your gears with the axel attracted to your vehicle or just with the axle housing. Our turn-a-round is 1 to 2 days. Average for re-gearing for both axels.


Give you much-needed room for larger tires and for better off-road performance. Today’s lift kits retain a stock ride while doing this. We can install anything from a budget boost to a body lift to a full blown 6/8″ Long arm Kit. We have plenty of experience and know what needs to be done to accommodate your lift.

Engine Repair

We can repair or replace any engine. No job is too big or too small. From replacing a water pump to rebuilding the whole engine. Old engines can be “finicky” with worn parts, older PCM’s, and just stubborn. Newer engines have mutable of computers that monitor everything from air/fuel mixture to humidity. Either way, it is critical that your engine is diagnosed correctly. We have all the necessary tools and experience to do just that. So if your check engine light is on, or you just want to tune up your engine. Give us a call


Lockers are an excellent way to improve traction. Both on and off-road. If you want to make it through a nasty mud hole or have better traction at the track. A locker can provide the traction you need. We provide several options from the low-cost spool all the way up to a selectable locker. So if your vehicle is trail/track only, or if it’s your daily driver. We can provide the right locker for the right application

Auto body

We can also fix most cosmetic and body issues. From panel replacement to dents. Including paint jobs.


And of course PARTS. we have lots of jeep parts in stock. And we can usually find what you are looking for.


7550 Briarwood St
Anchorage, Alaska
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